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In that famous scene from the film Raid on Enteebee, which is a dramatized presentation of the hijacking of a plane by Palestinian hijackers, it is shown that the adversaries of Israel know how well-networked the citizens of Israel are. One of the hijackers tells one of the hijacked: “In a small country like yours, everyone knows everyone else.”

Kashland has taken the clear, unambiguous position that Kashmir will eventually be a bridge between India and Pakistan. The delay in this coming about and how long this delay will be is the cross that the Kashmiris have to carry. However, there is no reason why every Kashmiri should not know every other Kashmiri. Or, to put it in terms of modern management vocabulary, networking is the need of the hour for us. And it is easy. The Kurds have a satellite channel of their own and they regard it as the main indication to the rest of the world that they are a nation.

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Kashmir Zinda Baad Yaa Kashmir Se Zinda Baag
07 December 2008
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Persian Legacy in Kashmir Struggles for Revival
05 December 2008 23:58
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Saen Posh Waer" Kasheer
28 February 2009
article thumbnaiYeth saeni posh waaray,Kamisanz laej nazar.Soragachi raazkumaray,Kamisanz laej nazar.

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Saen Posh Waer" Kasheer
article thumbnaiYeth saeni posh waaray,Kamisanz laej nazar.Soragachi raazkumaray,Kamisanz laej nazar.

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